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2021 Smart Camera Recommendation

Nowadays, more and more smart products appear people's lives, such as smart cameras, smart locks, sweeping robots and so on. But today I mainly talk about smart cameras. Why is it smart? Because it has been upgraded on the basis of ordinary cameras, it can not only realize the recording function, but also realize equipment linkage, motion detection, human form detection, voice intercom, cloud storage and more functions by the mobile phone app to. Let's take a look!

Smart cameras have many functions. Next, we will learn about smart cameras from the following aspects, and you can choose according to your needs:

Ⅰ. The difference between smart cameras and ordinary surveillance cameras

The 1080p wireless security camera system is upgraded on the basis of the ordinary camera. In addition to the basic recording function, it is also smarter in other aspects.

1. Hardware configuration

Ordinary camera: The configuration is poor, the pixels and resolution of the camera are limited and not high-definition; it cannot be moved.

Smart camera: smart battery powered camera can track and record moving targets with high-definition pixels and resolution. It can also work at night with a night vision function; it can also be customized (different observation angles, different observation distances). Moreover, the service life and monitoring storage time of smart cameras are longer than ordinary cameras.

2. Security function

Ordinary surveillance cameras resolve parts of the problem without an overall plan and only record real-time mechanized recordings of what is happening;

In addition to recording, the smart camera can also perform analysis and extract of information, and can send the video to the user's mobile phone five seconds before the crime occurs, so as to truly prevent problems before they occur.

3. The scope of use

Ordinary surveillance cameras need to be wired and difficult to install, so they can only monitor in a small area;

Smart cameras do not require wiring, are installed quickly, and are not restricted by geographical conditions, that is, they can be used in a variety of occasions, such as homes, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Ⅱ. The family suitable for smart cameras

In fact, smart cameras are suitable for any family, but the following family situations need more:

1. There are children at home

If you are out or on business and miss your wife and children at home, you can use the mobile phone app to operate the baby surveillance camera to see the family member, and you can also use the camera to voice.

If there is a babysitter at home to take care of the children, you can also observe it if you are not at ease. This not only reduces worry, but also avoids unnecessary misunderstandings.

2. There are elderly people at home

Especially the older elders, such as grandparents, and so on. If you can't go home often, you can use the smart camera to know the situation of your parents in time to avoid unexpected situations and offer help in time.

3. There are pets at home

Many office workers like to keep pets, but they have to go to work every day. With a smart camera, you can see the state of cute pets when they are alone at home.

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