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Introduction to the Installation of a Home Surveillance Camera

Now there are more and more criminals in life, so many friends have taken a lot of corresponding measures in response, such as installation and upgrade of anti-theft doors, installation of monitors and so on. But there are a lot of friends who use a surveillance monitor. When it comes to the surveillance, many people think of surveillance cameras. Many friends are very entangled when choosing a home surveillance camera when installing it. So the editor will tell you about the knowledge of the home surveillance camera.

1. The advantages of the home surveillance camera

The home surveillance camera is a kind of semiconductor imaging device from security camera wholesale suppliers with the advantages of high sensitivity, strong light resistance, small distortion, small size, long life, anti-vibration and so on. In the surveillance camera security system, the image generation is currently mainly from the CCD camera, and the stored charge can also be taken out to change the voltage, which has the characteristics of anti-vibration and impact and is widely used.

2. Installation of the home surveillance camera

Screwdriver: The screwdriver is used to fix the camera base. The home surveillance cameras use self-tapping screws to fix the base to the wall or ceiling. Therefore, you need to prepare a phillips screwdriver before installation. The screwdriver should not be too small, otherwise it is difficult to screw up tightly.

Impact drill: The impact drill is used to drill holes on the wall, because to fix the camera base to the wall, you must use the impact drill to drill the holes on the wall. Since the weight of the home surveillance camera is not too heavy, six drill bits are sufficient.

Screw up plug: Screws and up plugs are also used to fix the base of the camera, and the screws and up plugs are included in the packaging box of the home surveillance camera, but the things provided by the manufacturer are generally cheaper. You can prepare better quality screws and up plugs.

Power strip: Since the home surveillance camera is powered by DC 5V or 12V, the power supply in the camera box cannot be extended, so be sure to reserve a power socket or power strip next to the camera installation position. You can plug the power supply of the camera itself directly into the power socket or power strip.

Memory card: since the purpose of the wireless battery powered security camera system is to facilitate user installation and reduce costs, all home surveillance cameras have their own TF card slot without the need of hard disk video recorder, and video storage can be completed through a memory card. Therefore, a large-capacity TF card must be prepared first when installing a home surveillance camera.

Router: As a professional smart home manufacturer, our surveillance camera is installed at home. The user definitely wants to remotely view the real-time picture of the camera through a mobile phone or computer. This requires that the camera can be connected to the Internet. Supporting wireless connection is also one of the basic functions of a home camera. Therefore, if you want to achieve remote monitoring, there must be a wireless router to ensure that the camera is connected to the wireless router.

Client software: The so-called client software refers to mobile phone software and PC client software that can remotely view the monitoring screen and video. These software can be downloaded and installed on the official website of the battery operated webcam manufacturer. After installation, remote monitoring can be achieved by simple debugging according to the manual.

The home surveillance camera is the most important part of the home surveillance system. If the definition of the home surveillance camera is not high or the home surveillance camera is not smooth during use, the impact on the monitoring effect is very large. So when you buy a home surveillance camera, you must pay attention to its sharpness performance and whether the home surveillance camera is smooth when in use, and so on. The sharing of the home surveillance camera above is also very detailed, and we hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China