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Outdoor PTZ Camera is Smart and Waterproof

1. The 360° ultra-wide PTZ camera's 360° night vision full color is even more amazing

In terms of field of view, the smart outdoor pan-tilt camera has a wider viewing angle than a fixed viewing angle with a single outdoor large tube camera. It adopts a rotatable dual-head design, which supports 352° horizontal, 10° vertical upward, and 85° downward rotation.

The horizontal viewing angle reaches 360°, and the vertical viewing angle exceeds 120°. The pan-tilt camera solves the disadvantage of the traditional outdoor large tube machine that cannot be rotated and has a blind spot for monitoring.

You may need 2-3 cameras on the periphery of the yard, and one can solve most of the problems and reduce the cost.

In outdoor scenes, there will be a lot of light changes during the day and night, and under these complex lights, it is difficult for ordinary devices to see the details of the faces in the backlight.

To this end, the PTZ outdoor smart camera adopts more efficient functions, and is equipped with an optional smart night vision mode at night, whether the overall brightness of the picture, the brightness of backlit objects, and the presentation of details are very clear.

In the night environment, the PTZ camera supports three night vision modes, infrared mode, full color mode and intelligent full color mode to switch freely.

Users can choose to use the infrared mode of infrared light, or the full-color mode of white light, and the intelligent full-color mode based on humanoid detection is more recommended.

2. PTZ camera humanoid detection active defense smart security home is more secure

In addition to the large-scale monitoring and full-color night vision mentioned above, the addition of intelligent functions such as humanoid detection and humanoid tracking also brings great convenience to users.

The intelligent outdoor PTZ camera is based on the PTZ tracking strategy of humanoid detection, which further strengthens the performance of humanoid detection. It can follow the trajectory of suspicious persons when a small number of people move. The PTZ camera does not need to switch the camera screen frequently, which greatly strengthens the protection. Efficiency and protection.

In addition to actively discovering and intelligently tracking users, when a stranger breaks in, the owner can also open the APP on the mobile phone to check the visitor's identity, and can also initiate a two-way voice call.

3. The appearance of the PTZ camera is versatile, waterproof and durable, and the details are in place and unique

Although the smart outdoor pan-tilt camera is an outdoor product, it is different from the industrial-grade outdoor pan-tilt camera. Its appearance design further weakens the pain point of strong monitoring.

One of the very important features of outdoor products is durability. The smart outdoor PTZ camera adopts a variety of waterproof measures for waterproofing, which are mainly reflected in two parts: waterproof and water-conducting.

In the core plate, professional waterproof materials and accessories are selected for sealing, and professional moisture-proof and absorbent materials are placed for the condensed water that may be generated due to the alternation of cold and heat.

In the non-core area such as the lower spherical shell, the corresponding water-conducting structure is designed to prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance cost. The details everywhere reflect the innovation and ingenuity of the smart outdoor PTZ camera.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China