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How to download App?

Search mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store, Or you can scan QR code from the user manual.

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How much memory TF card does the camera support?

Maximum 128G TF card, can record around 12-15days; For 64G can record around 7-10days; For 32G can record around 3-4days

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Why does the time of camera show 2000-01-01?

It is the factory default time. After you accessing internet, the Avstart camera will synchronize the network time automatically. Please wait for it patiently.

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If camera can support 2.4G and 5G wifi?

The camera such as battery powered camera can only support 2.4G.

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How to judge whether the WIFI connected to the mobile phone is 2.4G or 5G?

By default, dual-band routers will issue two SSID names, such as: "XXXX_2.4G", "XXXX_5G",if you select the "XXXX_2.4G", it means your phone is connecting to 2.4G WIFI. (Non-dual-band routers will not have two SSIDs); If you have manually modified the default SSID of the router before, please check the router setting to determine which SSID corresponds to 2.4G WIFI.

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Why does the device can not identify the TF card?

Please format TF card before use, and check if the TF card is working normally and whether it is in FAT32 format, when the mobile phone or the device is working in unstable network, the APP also will prompt that the TF card cannot be recognized.

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How to reset camera to factory setting?

Find the reset button (or use reset pin), keep pressing it until the indicator light goes out and then release it, after a prompt tone, the device will restart and the indicator light will be on.

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How many cameras can be added to an account?

Max 50cameras

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How many accounts can I share with at most?

No limit

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Why doesn't the shared account have the complete permission to operate the device?

For safety consideration, the permission of the shared accounts is limited. They could operate the full functions only by logging in with the main account.

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Does the camera support view from PC?

Yes, the device such as digital baby monitor does support view from PC.

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What should I do if the APP failed to access to the device?

Please restore the device to the factory settings and re-add it. If this problem still occurs, please contact us directly.

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Where can save recording?

You can save the recording in TF card, or save the recording in cloud storage.

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Where can not receive the alarm messages?

Please confirm that the APP notification push authority is enabled in your phone and call the mobile alarm settings in the APP are turned on.

Under normal circumstances, messages will show on the notification bar of your mobile phone when abnormalities are detected. It depends on your phone settings whether there is a sound or vibration reminder.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China