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Smart Security System: Smart Surveillance System

Smart security system——smart surveillance system adopts image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision technology. By adding intelligent video analysis module to the monitoring system, it can filter out useless or interfering information of video pictures with the help of powerful data processing ability of computer, and automatically identify Different objects, analyze and extract key useful information in the video source, quickly and accurately locate the accident scene, judge the abnormal situation in the monitoring screen, and issue an alarm or trigger other actions in the fastest and best way, so as to effectively carry out pre-warning and incidents. A fully automatic, all-weather, real-time monitoring intelligent smart camera system that processes and collects evidence in time after the event!

In fact, the smart surveillance system is developed on the basis of the traditional video monitoring system, but it is very different. It includes more advanced video monitoring technology. It can automatically detect, track and identify different objects, and conduct event analysis, so as to detect suspicious situations in surveillance videos, and issue corresponding levels of alarms according to the security level of the surveillance scene, so as to minimize the false alarm rate and missed alarm rate. We can outline it with a few advantages:

1. The powerful movement function of the smart surveillance system can alarm more accurately:

Multiple optical zoom, digital zoom, auto iris, auto focus, auto white balance and other functions make the picture clearer and you can easily view the picture at any position. Powerful image processing functions and advanced intelligent algorithms enable security personnel to more accurately define the characteristics of security threats, effectively detect abnormal alarm events or potential threats, and greatly reduce the occurrence of false positives and false negatives.

2. Reliable monitoring around the clock by the smart surveillance system:

The smart surveillance battery operated camera and monitor system continuously analyzes the monitored pictures through the intelligent analysis module or software, and realizes active coding, alarming and saving of abnormal events and suspected threats. The way.

3. The smart surveillance system supports remote monitoring and intercom functions:

You can use the smart surveillance system for remote monitoring anytime, anywhere. You can watch the monitoring scene with your mobile phone, computer, or tablet to understand the dynamics of the monitoring scene anytime, anywhere. You can also talk to your family through intelligent monitoring to accompany your family and pets remotely.

4. Rapid response of smart surveillance system:

The intelligent surveillance system has stronger intelligent features than ordinary network video surveillance systems, and it can identify suspicious activities. For example, when someone leaves a suspicious object in a public place, or someone stays in a sensitive area for too long, the security staff can be immediately prompted to pay attention to the relevant monitoring screen, so that the security department has enough time to prepare for potential threats.

5. Intelligent storage of smart surveillance system is convenient for query:

The smart surveillance system can save more storage space than the ordinary video monitoring system. It can only store the monitoring images and scene information when suspicious situations or alarms occur, which can reduce the transmission and storage of a large amount of useless data, and can provide a basis for the stored monitoring information. Quick lookup of content.

The smart surveillance wifi ip camera baby monitor system has developed in a short period of more than 20 years, from the earliest analog monitoring to the hot digital monitoring in the past few years to the current network video monitoring, which has undergone earth-shaking changes. Today, with the rapid development of IP technology, it is necessary for us to re-understand the history of video surveillance system development and look forward to its future.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China