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Reservoir Monitoring Clairvoyance: PTZ Camera

Now with the continuous improvement of people's security awareness and the continuous improvement of protection knowledge, security cameras appear in every corner of our lives.

The products of security rechargeable surveillance camera are also varied. In the field of surveillance, high-definition PTZ cameras have become standard. What are the main features of the PTZ camera? Let's have a look!

Ⅰ. Main features of PTZ camera

1. Visible light and thermal induction dual-channel imaging output, complementary day and night, 24h uninterrupted monitoring.

2. The large-magnification visible light electric zoom lens can meet the needs of the target telephoto, with functions such as automatic focusing, fog penetration, and infrared sensing.

3. The resolution of visible light lens, thermal imaging lens and visible light and thermal imaging can be flexibly matched according to the distance of monitoring distance of the PTZ camera.

4. Color reproduction: Compared with ordinary surveillance cameras, the video capture and compression chip used by the PTZ camera has a color display comparable to that of a professional 3CCD camera.

It has absolute advantages in many aspects such as high fidelity of image color, color information processing, wide dynamic, and system noise reduction. This aspect is also an advantage that ordinary cameras do not have.

5. Intelligent recognition, the technology of the ptz camera china is biased towards the analysis and processing of static scenes. Through core technologies such as image recognition, image comparison and pattern matching, it can extract and analyze relevant feature information such as people, vehicles, objects, etc.

In the application of vehicle identification and analysis, it is mainly license plate recognition technology. License plate recognition technology is widely used in parking lot entrances and exits, highway toll stations and other places.

In recent years, it has developed rapidly: in conjunction with the traffic electronic bayonet system, license plate recognition technology has been widely used to capture vehicle traffic violations, effectively reducing the number of vehicle traffic violations and greatly reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.

6. High definition, high definition has always been the pursuit of people. The PTZ outdoor smart camera uses a progressive scan CMOS image sensor with higher pixels.

The resolution can reach 1280*720 resolution/1920*1080 resolution real-time broadcast-level image quality, and the resolution is much higher than the traditional CCD analog camera, which truly achieves the goal of high-definition monitoring.

2. Application of PTZ camera in reservoir

The intelligent early warning monitoring PTZ integrated camera is a product specially designed for the field of long-distance day and night monitoring, which fully meets the 24h all-weather monitoring requirements.

It adopts an integrated and highly integrated design, integrating a 360° all-round heavy-duty variable speed gimbal, high-performance infrared thermal imaging module and visible light camera module, built-in thermal imaging and visible light linkage control module, intelligent video analysis, data acquisition and network management system.

As one of the professional security camera wholesale suppliers, our outdoor pan-tilt camera outputs full-color images during the day, and the thermal imaging component can perform image processing and temperature measurement operations within 24 hours to achieve all-weather day and night monitoring over 3km-30km.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China