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How to Choose the Right Battery Camera?

Every one has contacted a battery camera, for it has been popular in industries, business and for civil use. There are battery cameras no matter in staircase, elevators, parking lots, gates of companies and carridors, which is convinent for people's life. With increasing demand of the battery camera, how to choose a good battery camera is a priority.

Today let have a look at the basic parameters of the battery camera to gain a better understanding of it and choose a proper battery camera to ensure the safety of home.

1. Composition of the battery camera

The composition of a battery camera system such as battery indoor security camera generally includes: front-end cameras, transmission cables and equipment, hard disk video recorders, and displays. This composition is the simplest equipment system. The transmission cables are now all network cameras and use network cables for transmission. How many routers or switches are used in the transmission equipment needs to be configured according to the specific situation.

2. The appearance of the battery camera

The most conventional battery operated ip camera is box cameras, ballhead camera, and dome cameras; other shapes include smart machines, toys, plugs, and light bulbs. Although the shape of the battery camera is different, it has similar functions, such as monitoring home, babies, pets, and so on.

The specific function of is still related to the camera's chip and lens parameters, such as outdoor box camera waterproof and dustproof, dome camera used in indoor ceiling installation for good-looking , toy shape for baby care, plug shape for concealed installation and so on. Determine whether to use indoors or outdoors. Outdoor ones can be used indoors, but not vice versa. How to distinguish the card machine that inserts the TF card? Generally, the position of the TF card is below, and it is usually outdoors.

In fact, after determining whether to use box cameras or dome cameras, for example, as one of the professional security camera wholesale suppliers, our dome cameras also have a lot of styles, you can choose according to your preference.

3. Battery camera lens

The focal length of the lens of the battery camera is normally 2.8 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm and so on. There are many focal lengths. The lens of the battery monitoring camera can be selected according to the monitored object. Generally, the smaller the focal length of the lens, the larger the viewing angle, but the shorter the monitored distance. Therefore, the 2.8 mm lens is suitable for illuminating the narrow environment of corridors and elevators, 4 mm for rooms, 6 mm for corridors or unit doors, 8 mm for workshops or corridors, and 12 mm for long narrow roads.

After reading the above aspects of composition, appearance, and lens of battery cameras, we have learnt about the basic knowledge of battery cameras. Do you have a certain understanding of the choice of battery cameras?

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