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Wireless Camera Installation

The biggest advantage of the wireless camera is that it technically realizes zero wiring, which is not only beautiful but also convenient to use and easy to move. Below we will introduce the working principle and connection method of the wireless camera in detail.

Ⅰ. The working principle of wireless camera

Wireless cameras need to have a complete wireless transmitting and receiving system to realize wireless monitoring. First, let's take a look at the transmitter system of wireless monitoring. In addition to the must-have indoor wireless camera, another indispensable component is the transmitter.

With the transmitting system, there must be a corresponding receiving system, that is, the receiver. After the two corresponding systems are installed, by setting the audio and video monitored by the home surveillance camera system, you can use the network to transmit the transcoded signal to the receiver through the transmitter, and the receiver will then transcode the received signal. The signal shows up, and that's how wireless cameras work.

Ⅱ. The connection method of wireless camera

After understanding how a rechargeable wireless camera works, we need to know the specific connection settings so that we can use it.

To achieve wireless monitoring, there are two methods for wireless camera network connection:

1. If the camera is not connected to the router, and there is a wireless signal around the device, then we connect the surveillance camera to our own computer through the network cable, set it in the port mapping, and select the option to add and start upnp. After configuration , wireless monitoring can be realized;

2. If you have a wireless router, you can directly connect your computer to the wireless, and through the wireless components of the wireless camera itself, the wireless camera can assume the function of the router and realize wireless monitoring.

The installation of the wireless camera is very convenient, and the user can install it by himself; and the indoor installation will not destroy the beauty of the room; at the same time, as long as the wireless signal is covered, the wireless camera can be moved anytime, anywhere.

These are the advantages of using indoor outdoor wireless camera system, but they also inevitably have disadvantages. The first is the coverage and stability of wireless signals. The indoor effective area is 100 square meters, and the outdoor effective linear distance is 100 meters. These are the limitations of wireless monitoring.

The stability of the signal is also a big problem. Only by ensuring the stability of the signal can the quality of the captured images be guaranteed. The second is the security of wireless monitoring. Because it is a wireless signal, it is easier to be received by external devices, so we must pay attention to the security of wireless signals.

The home surveillance camera system has brought a lot of convenience to users. As long as we understand the use of wireless cameras, we can make it better serve our lives.

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