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It is a perfect outdoor camera, The image very clear and the night camera is pretty good. The app is very easy to use and the connection is very faster within seconds.

The camera has rechargeable battery inside too ,it doesn’t require a wiring to power. you can put it in anywhere at the house, the battery also can last very long ,also this camera support solar panel too, you can connect with solar panel to keep it charged. The local SD card max support 128G, you also can subscribe cloud plan if you want . 

This battery wifi camera is waterproof ,I put this camera inside my house ,it works perfect, this security camera is the one I have been looking for , very useful for me.

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The app is very fast for connection, easy to install, the live view is very fluent, you don't need to keep refreshing again and again to get better viewing, for alert function, the message will be pushed to your phone so you can get the notifications when there's movement, and the camera also has human detection, if someone pass, it will not notify you that it's a human movement, this is a very smart function, I like this function very much.

This camera can support max 128G SD card and the more exciting thing is this camera support 30 days of cloud service for free, very good experience, during this time you can enjoy the SD card storage or the cloud service before you make decisions which way you will choose to do the storage.

The time-lapse function is also super cool, as for young people you can compress 1-12 hours video to just 10s or 1 min. like the fast playback, it is a very cool thing. You wouldn’t regret buying this kind of camera, love it.


When open this camera ,finding the design of this camera is beautiful , like this kind of design ,good price and nice case. This camera is metal, good quality not like plastic looks like cheaper produce. As this is outdoor camera ,I buy this camera to install outside my house to overlook my courtyard ,it is very easy to install and connect, this camera only support 2.4G network, can’t connect the 5G network. I like the picture and the video quality, clear and fluent, the motion detection function works well and the night vision is super good too. You can set up the sensitivity of the motion detection and adjust custom schedule, I think it is a very good feature, I like this function ,very impressive. highly recommend it, you will like it when you install one at your home.


I bought this camera hope can see my daughter even when I am working, as for a mother , working whole days outside , sometimes will worry about the baby. I bought this camera and put it at home . I am very exciting when I can see my child when I am working sometimes ,I like the motion checking functions , when the baby move , this camera when follow her , it is lovely moment, I also like the the 3D positioning function, it combine with 21 pictures , 21 presets positions for fast viewing , you can click the pictures the camera will turn to the position ,it is very convenient , don’t like other app camera you need to slide to get the viewing place you want.

I am delighted with these functions.

This camera’s app is H.265 video compression. can save the space compare to H.264 video compression, this camera is 3MP high definition HD Enhanced Image. Has Two-way audio (intercom or Hand-free), you can talk with your family wherever you want. Support motion tracking human shape detection and human shape detection. If open the cloud function also can support the Baby crying detection. And I like the fast playback function very much, it support 1×,4×,8×,16×,32× fast playback ,you can quickly find the video record you wanted, the time hourglass function can record your baby’s growth , you wouldn’t miss the moment .

The app is   " Yi iot " on iOS and Android. You can download free and install is very easy. And the Storage has two ways: SD card or Cloud. You can choice whatever you like.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China