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What Are the Home Smart Security Systems?

With the advancement of science and the development of technology, our life is becoming more and more convenient and smarter. The use of some machines and equipment can solve the difficulties and troubles we encounter in life.

Home smart security system is a system to protect one's own family. It is widely used in villas. So what are the home smart security systems?

1. Home smart security system: alarm system

Home security alarm systems are often divided into outdoor three-detection detection induction: composed of an alarm host and multiple three-detection detectors, with triple induction protection such as infrared, microwave induction, and intelligent logic analysis, and can be linked with intelligent control systems such as lighting .

Buried perimeter alarm detector: It is an smart security system for outdoor perimeter intrusion alarm. The system is buried in the lawn next to the perimeter wall or fence. Concealed installation can be free from terrain restrictions and does not affect the appearance. It will be detected without knowing it and an alarm signal will be issued.

Impulse electronic fence: It is an intelligent perimeter blocking alarm system, which is equivalent to forming a "tangible" electronic barrier on the perimeter wall, increasing the height of the wall and making it impossible for outsiders to invade.

2. Home smart security system: high-definition network digital monitoring system

The high-definition network digital monitoring system consists of a network high-definition hard disk video recorder and multiple high-definition digital cameras. It is mainly to place multiple high-definition digital infrared night vision cameras around the villa and mansion, and configure the ground-sensing coil to realize automatic tracking and automatic alarm. Reliable and beautiful.

The system has 1080P high-definition pixels and infrared night vision function. The high-definition network digital monitoring smart security system can remotely monitor the home screen or perform image playback in real time, and can be linked with intelligent control systems such as lighting.

3. Home smart security system: electric anti-theft shutter system

Compared with stainless steel anti-theft fences, electric anti-theft shutters are more popular with villa consumers. This is because the electric anti-theft roller shutter has the characteristics of being retractable, and its aesthetics and safety are much higher than other similar products.

With motor self-locking function and sophisticated invisible lock design, the electric anti-theft rolling shutter smart home security system cannot be opened from the outside, and the high-strength shutter can resist external impact.

While adding a sense of tranquility to the living room, it also retains the passage with the outside world, avoiding problems such as fire escape and rescue passage in emergencies. It is linked with the home smart security system to firmly guard the safety of your home property.

4. Home smart security system: automatic identification system

Automatic identification systems are widely used in villa families: face recognition, video intercom and automatic vehicle identification systems.

Facial recognition: mainly collect the facial information of family members through the face recognition access control integrated machine, use the biometric algorithm, and use the facial features as the basis for identification to carry out accurate personnel identification and access rights, so as to protect the privacy of the family and safety.

Video intercom: It is one of the indispensable standard equipment in luxury villas. The automatic identification smart home security systems are mainly used for two-way video calls between visitors and the owner, so as to achieve dual recognition of images and voices, and to open the door in conjunction with the system.

Automatic vehicle identification: When the vehicle reaches the door of the house, the courtyard gate will be automatically identified and opened, and the corresponding garage door will be opened immediately, so that the vehicle can enter the courtyard.

According to different uses, I will simply list some home smart security systems for you, including an alarm system for detecting the outside world, a high-definition camera for real-time viewing, as well as an anti-theft shutter and an automatic identification system that can automatically identify faces and vehicles.

Home smart security systems can protect our safety well, so if you have the conditions, you can buy them.

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2nd Floor, Building A6, Junye Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China