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The Differences Between Smart Camera System and Ordinary Surveillance Camera System

1. Smart camera system is an indispensable part of smart home

From the smart home control system to the current smart home, more and more families are beginning to experience an automated lifestyle. Intelligent smart surveillance system is an indispensable product in many places. With the improvement of our quality of life and the continuous innovation of technology, the small monitoring equipment is also changing.

2. The difference between smart camera system and ordinary surveillance camera system

The biggest feature of the battery operated camera and monitor is the real-time two-way communication. It is generally used in public places, such as shopping malls, banks, airports, etc., to provide staff with real-time monitoring images for easy management and recording.

Ordinary surveillance cameras can only provide monitoring images. If the staff needs to find anomalies in the images in time, they need to monitor the images for a long time. Because the smart camera can actively capture abnormal images and automatically send alarms, it greatly reduces the user's energy input, which is convenient and simple.

The core of the smart camera system is the combination of the Internet of Things and cloud applications, which can realize real-time and anytime, anywhere monitoring. The camera can be connected to a mobile phone, and you can click on it to view the images captured by the camera in real time.

At the same time, when there are abnormal dynamics or sounds in the shooting screen, the camera can not only automatically capture the abnormality and start cloud recording and automatically upload it, but also send alarm information to the user through SMS or the App on the mobile phone, to realize all-weather intelligent monitoring. This is something that ordinary surveillance cameras cannot do. As a professional manufacturer of electronic monitoring equipment, we are willing to provide various security products for you, such as our new product: avstart cb205.

The intelligence of the intelligent surveillance system is mainly reflected in the "convenience" of users, and it is easier to achieve cloud storage than ordinary surveillance cameras.

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