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How to Choose and Install a Home Surveillance Camera System

With the development of surveillance systems today, the update speed is relatively fast, from the early video analog surveillance, to the later coaxial high-definition surveillance, to the current digital network surveillance. Since the installation cost of the early surveillance system was relatively high, it was generally installed in the general industry.

With the popularity of surveillance, the types and shipments of surveillance cameras have greatly increased. Of course, the prices have dropped again and again. Many families have already installed home surveillance camera systems on battery operated home security cameras.

There are many types of surveillance cameras. According to the transmission method, it can be divided into: wired, wireless, hot-spot connection types, etc.; according to the storage method: video recorder for recording, memory card for storage, and cloud storage. You can choose the surveillance system according to your own situation and purpose.

1. Baby IP camera

Because these types of surveillance cameras are mostly installed in the living room, beauty is an important factor to consider. Since the wiring of wired surveillance camera affects the appearance, it is better to choose a wireless surveillance camera. The so-called wireless surveillance of baby surveillance camera does not mean that there is no need for wiring, but that there is no need for data transmission line, the network cable. It only needs to be connected to a 220V electric supply.

One thing to note is: The most important thing to install this type of camera is that your home has a wireless network. The wireless camera does not need to be connected to the network cable. But if you want to watch the camera, the baby IP camera must be connected to the wireless network. The connection methods of the wireless cameras of various brands are similar, and the manuals are usually included.

2. The home surveillance camera system for home security

Surveillance cameras have a deterrent effect on people who are guilty of theft. Secondly, the video recording function of the camera can record all their actions so that the recording can be used as evidence in the future.

This type of surveillance camera is generally installed at the entrance of residence, open windows, and back entrances of villas. The home surveillance camera system is generally installed on the door, and you can choose to install a dome camera on the top of door.

For this type of surveillance camera, the homeowner needs to reserve the surveillance line outside the door before the house is decorated.

(1) If only a 220V power line is left during the decoration, you can choose to install a wireless camera, without the need for network cable for transmission. It can connect to the network through a home wireless router, and you can watch it on your mobile phone.

(2) If there is no line left, try to lead a power line from nearby. Generally, there are public lighting buttons at the door of commercial houses, and a power line can be led out from it. If not, you can only make a small hole at home and lead a 220V power line out.

(3) For villas, due to the large number of entrances and exits and safe passages, there are more home surveillance camera systems installed. In this case, wireless cameras cannot be installed because wireless cameras need to be connected to a wireless router. So you should consider installing the outdoor wifi camera battery powered. Too many connections can cause disconnection easily and the experience of real-time viewing is very terrible.

When you need to install multiple home surveillance camera systems in places like villas, you need to install wired surveillance cameras. Connect the video recorder through the switch, and you can watch it on the monitor TV at home, or you can watch it on your mobile phone when you go out, and the recording time is longer.

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