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The Application Value of AI Smart Surveillance System in Various Industries

At present, the front-end and back-end of video surveillance have been intelligentized. The front-end is "intelligent" and the back-end is "cloudified", and it has gradually evolved into three levels of "edge node", "edge domain" and "cloud center".

The industrial ecosystem of cloud-edge integration has become a new trend in the security industry. Let us briefly summarize the application value of intelligent security monitoring in various industries.

1. Application of smart security system to road administration and transportation

The intelligent security monitoring system automatically detects abnormal events such as pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, prohibited vehicles, prohibited parking and vehicle fires through image recognition technology in the monitoring sections of highways and viaducts.

When the smart surveillance system detects an abnormal situation, it will link to alarm in real time. The smart surveillance system assists the traffic control department to improve the response efficiency of abnormal events.

2. Application of smart security system to construction site inspection

The smart security monitoring system is suitable for construction site scenarios at different construction stages, and is designed for monitoring key security areas such as vehicle/person entrances and exits, tower cranes, wall boundaries, construction areas, office areas, workers' living areas, and material storage areas.

It can be widely used in the environmental monitoring of the construction site to solve the needs of centralized monitoring management and supervision of the construction site environment.

3. Application of smart security system to factory security

A monitoring system is deployed in the safe production area, and by real-time detection of whether there are personnel activities in the camera screen, when someone is detected, it is identified and detected whether the on-the-job personnel are wearing masks and whether the operation is standardized.

In case of abnormal behavior, an alarm can be issued immediately, and the smart security system will notify the background monitoring personnel to save labor monitoring costs, remind safety precautions, measures, and operations, and improve the safety awareness of on-the-job personnel.

4. The smart security system is applied to campus security

Installed in public areas such as school corridors, halls, playgrounds, etc., to monitor the situation in a specific area in real time, and detect and capture abnormal behavior in time.

Such as fights, idle personnel and other illegal behaviors, the smart surveillance system can report to the police in time when necessary to maximize the safety of students.

5. Application of smart security system to supermarket research

Accurately count the incoming and outgoing passenger flow at each entrance and exit of the mall, and analyze the number of people in the venue in real time. By analyzing the areas that consumers focus on and stay in, assist shopping malls to formulate store layouts and product display plans; at the same time, supervise the working status of on-the-job employees in real time.

6. Application of smart security system to food safety

Through the video monitoring system, real-time remote supervision of the catering kitchen, analysis of standardized operation behavior, ensuring catering hygiene and safety, and meeting the inspection and supervision needs of the health supervision department and relevant management personnel.

7. Smart security system applied to crop monitoring

Surveillance and monitoring technology provides a cost-effective solution for monitoring crops, commercial assets and optimizing production processes, thus providing potential value to related industries such as agriculture.

Relevant practitioners in the agricultural field are looking for new technologies to reduce energy consumption and reduce the damage to the ecological environment caused by modern agriculture, and the artificial intelligence monitoring system may be the answer they are looking for.

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