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What Kind of Monitoring System Can Be Called AI Smart Surveillance System?

1. Development of AI smart surveillance system

With the development of security technology, video surveillance systems are developing towards high-definition, digitization and intelligence. The application of intelligent high-definition network video surveillance system is also increasing. With the development of AI artificial intelligence in recent years, smart surveillance systems have been increasingly applied to various scenarios.

AI smart surveillance system not only has high-definition picture quality, but also supports intelligent analysis and intelligent identification. Compared with the previous generation of products, the AI smart surveillance system realizes the function of active analysis, which greatly saves the trouble of manual retrieval and manual duty in the past.

AI smart surveillance system of rechargeable battery powered security camera has gradually penetrated into the fields of transportation, finance, environment, etc., and already has quite practical functions and perfect scene solutions.

AI intelligent high-definition video surveillance system can not only bring clearer image details to users, but also provide more data sources for smart cities, smart transportation, etc. It greatly enriches the reuse and redevelopment of monitoring data, and brings great convenience for people to use the monitoring system. AI smart professional surveillance system is changing people's lives step by step.

2. What is AI smart professional surveillance system?

AI smart surveillance system is a surveillance system that implants AI intelligent algorithms in the video surveillance system, and completes the surveillance system with specific functional requirements by analyzing and identifying the images collected by the battery operated indoor security camera.

At present, the common ones are AI behavior analysis monitoring, AI face recognition monitoring system, construction site helmet recognition system, AI high-altitude parabolic monitoring system, AI fire monitoring system and so on.

Compared with ordinary video surveillance systems, AI smart surveillance system realizes the functions of active analysis and identification, and makes different instructions according to the identification and analysis results.

For example, the AI high-rise littering monitoring system can automatically store the audio and video data of the incident when it detects a high-rise littering, and at the same time, the software reminds the on-duty personnel in the monitoring room.

Staff no longer have to stare at the computer screen all the time, and the AI smart surveillance system also improves work efficiency and accuracy. It can be said that the application of AI smart surveillance system greatly reduces the labor cost of enterprises and improves work efficiency at the same time.

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